What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy has been practised for over 200 years and used by millions of people around the world.


It is a natural and effective form of holistic medicine which looks at each person as a unique individual, taking into consideration physical, mental, spiritual and emotional symptoms in order to prescribe a remedy to stimulate the body’s own natural healing process, to improve the immune system and help achieve a better state of health and wellbeing.  Homeopathy looks at the whole person to encourage harmony and balance rather than just treating the disease.


Homeopathy is based on the principle that like treats like, in other words a substance which causes symptoms in large doses can be used in minute doses to treat similar symptoms.  For example in the case of hay fever, the remedy Allium cepa which is made from red onion, is often prescribed for streaming watery eyes, which is similar to the symptoms caused when cutting up an onion.


Homeopathic remedies are made from natural sources, mostly plants, minerals, chemicals and animal sources and given in tablet or liquid form. They are gentle, safe, non toxic and non addictive and therefore considered safe for women during pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding and for people of all ages from babies and children through to the elderly.  As a complementary medicine, the remedies can be taken along side prescribed conventional medicine without interfering with the beneficial action.

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